Do you sell patterns or kits?

I currently sell a small collection of kits, patterns, and embroidery transfer stickers. You can find my kits and stickers right here on my website, and my patterns can be found here in my Etsy shop.

Do you take custom orders?

Yes and no. From time to time I do have openings in my schedule that allow for custom orders. Feel free to reach out and inquire as to whether I am currently open for custom orders! Please be advised that because of the nature of my work, custom orders can take time (potentially up to a month), so it helps to plan ahead.

How long does an embroidery piece take you to make?

The process can be long (starting with sketches, and then transferring them to fabric), but also varies with each piece. I have created pieces that have taken as little as an hour, and others that have taken upwards of ten hours total. It all depends on the level of detail! At the end of the day, each piece is special to me and I put as much time in as I feel is needed to achieve what I am hoping for

Can I copy your designs?

Please do not copy my designs. I work very hard to create my work - from beginning sketches to color selection to bringing them full-circle on a piece of fabric, my work is very special to me and I put a lot of thought into it. So I would very much appreciate it if you did not copy it. Instead, I implore you to come up with your own designs! Think if what inspires you - what you find beautiful - and create your own art that can be a true reflection of you!

Where can I buy your pieces?

You can buy my pieces right here in my shop

Where do you ship from/to?

All pieces ship from my home in Chicago, Illinois. Currently I only ship to the United States, but I am working on opening up to international locations as well, so stay tuned!

Can I share your work on my Instagram feed, Blog, Website, and/or other channel?

Absolutely! But please give credit where appropriate. And feel free to reach out if you need any further information!

How did you learn to embroider?

As a child, my mom taught my sister and I how to do cross stitch, but it wasn't until 2015 that I decided to try my hand at embroidery. I consider myself self-taught, although I have gained some skills from books and the occasional how-to video. I know some standard embroidery stitches and techniques, but I have had no formal training, and I am sure that my style would not be considered traditional. Sometimes I refer to my work as "thread painting" because I often think of my needle as a pencil or paintbrush, and my thread as the lines and paint. This can lead to some pretty messy backs on my pieces, but I think that only adds to the charm.

What materials do you use?

The fabric I prefer to embroider on is linen, which I get at a local fabric store. From time to time I will experiment with other fabrics, but linen is my favorite! My favorite embroidery floss is made by DMC, and I usually get my embroidery hoops and needles from various craft stores. If you are thinking of starting to embroider yourself, I strongly suggest you invest in a good quality small scissors and good embroidery floss, but as for everything else (fabric, needle, hoop, etc) start with what works with your budget and go from there!

Do you ever embroider on clothing (or other household items)?

From time to time I experiment with embroidering on other materials, but this is not something that I do for sale on my website. Mostly because I don't feel as comfortable with it! Maybe someday I will, so check back!

If I buy an embroidered hoop from you, can you put it in a frame? Or can I?

I sell my pieces as is - so if it comes in a frame already, that is how you will receive it. And if I is mounted just in a hoop, then that is how it will arrive. I do not make modifications with regard to this because any piece that I sell is sold how I envisioned it. If you purchase a piece that is already framed, I do not suggest opening the piece to put in a different frame. In fact, doing so could destroy the integrity of the embroidery. If you purchase a piece that is secured in a hoop alone, I do not suggest framing it. I close the backs of my hoops to protect the back of the embroidery, and removing this could, again, destroy the integrity of the embroidery. 

Do you do anything else? Any other art?

I love creating things! Aside from embroidery, I am also a Handwriting Artist for Punkpost and I love baking! (Check out my Instagram feed for some of the cakes I've created!) I love to craft (with and without my kids), and I love attending art shows and craft fairs! I have an Masters in Secondary Education, and I used to teach high school English in Chicago. I am taking a break from that right now to focus on my kids and my art, but someday I hope to get back into teaching.