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Welcome to Heather Clara Designs

At the beginning of 2015 I started selling embroidered canvases because creating fun and functional art has always been important to me. I find it invigorating and soothing - a way for me to be myself in a hectic household (my husband works from home, my daughter just started kindergarten, and my two-year-old son has been on the move since day one!).

I love the entire process - from the beginning sketches of a design up until the piece is finally finished, I love seeing how a canvas or hoop takes shape. Although I enjoy finding inspiration all around me (from my kids, to my neighborhood, or even funny things that a friend once said), I also love working with clients to create custom canvases and hoops.

Growing up, I was no stranger to the idea that it is possible to make money by being creative and artistic. My mom is a full time calligrapher, and I remember that our dining room table was often stacked with boxes of wedding invitation envelopes that she was addressing. In 2007, I started doing calligraphy for brides and grooms around Chicago, and while I still enjoy calligraphy, embroidery allows me to be constantly creating pieces from start to finish. Thus the creation of Heather Clara Designs. It all started with my Etsy page, and now my embroidery pieces can also be found here! Please have a look around, check out my blog, and drop me a line if you see something you like or if you would like to work with me to create an embroidered canvas or hoop of your very own!

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I love when I go into small stores and restaurants where they have their "first dollar" that they ever earned framed on the wall. It seems like a good omen that the owners were not only excited to start their business, but that they remember when they first started out and appreciate it. 


Sometimes people ask me where I get my design ideas from. And sometimes I answer them honestly.