Finding inspiration in my own backyard

One of the first canvases that I ever made for sale was a map of the Chicago train lines. I didn't bother to label anything, but instead hoped that the configuration of the different colored CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) lines would be enough. Thankfully it was, because I couldn't imagine labeling all of the stops! When I finished my first version of this canvas, I was pretty excited. And I won't lie - I may have secretly been hoping that nobody would buy it so that I could hang it in my own home. No such luck on that one, but I still love making this canvas each time it's ordered! You can find this canvas in my Etsy shop HERE.

So, of course, I couldn't stop my Chicago-themed embroidery there! Logically, doing a skyline seemed like a good idea. And thank goodness that my wonderfully talented husband was willing to help me out... because it definitely wasn't as easy at it seemed. Despite the frustrations (and maybe you can imagine what they were), I think that the final product turned out amazing! And adding pops of color really brought out the uniqueness that is the Chicago skyline. You can see this canvas in my Etsy shop HERE

Obviously, I love how much inspiration the city of Chicago gives me... and these canvases have even got me thinking about what other awesome cities are out there, just waiting to be embroidered :)