The Conjuring of Ideas

Sometimes people ask me where I get my design ideas from. And sometimes I answer them honestly. Why, just last week I was being interviewed by Martha Stewart Magazine and got asked this very question! I told the interviewer that I was very sorry, but I couldn't answer that question because it is all so top secret. (Hopefully you realize that this story is made up...) Of course I'll let you all in on my secret!

Are you ready?

Here goes...

I get my inspiration from.... (drum roll please)...


Yup. That's it. I hope you're not disappointed, but in case you are, let me indulge you.

Like many crafters, creators, and artists, I find inspiration in everything around me. Well, not everything. Sorry, but my six-year-old's peanut butter sandwhich isn't really inspiring (or is it?). But here are some things that I definitely do find inspiring:

  • Patterns
  • Colors
  • Anything vintage
  • Great quotes and sayings
  • Animals
  • Great cities
  • Great people
  • Awesome Facebook status updates
  • Good food
  • Good drinks
  • Simple objects
  • My neighborhood
  • My kids
  • My husband
  • Inside jokes
  • Candy

Quite the list, right? But each of those things have something in common: they are all part of every day life - especially the candy. There is so much inspiration out there to be had, but all we have to do is sieze the opportunity (am I right, or am I right?). This is why I also have a small collection of sketch books that I try to keep with me. I can't tell you how many times I've been out, riding on the train in Chicago, and seen something that I want to embroider on a hoop or canvas. I mean, I could probably guess, but that's not the point. There are so many great designs, colors, patterns, objects, and people out there just waiting and begging to be inspiring! (I'm not kidding... the other day I was jotting something down on the train and a guy looked at me and said "I want to be inspiring!" Unfortunately for him, I was only writing out my grocery list, but who knows when that incident might come back to strike me as inspiring!)

So there you have it: all of the things that give me my ideas. Of course, I also tend to think that being a bit crazy helps.

Now, writing this post has given me an idea for a canvas that I want to do embroidery on. See! Right there! That's exactly what I'm talking about.

Until next time,